Some Fights that Gamora Could Do in Guardians of the Galaxy Part Two

Posted: August 14, 2014 in Threat Quality
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Guardians of the Galaxy did really well, so that means there will be a sequel (Guardians of the Galaxy 2: 2 Guardians, 2 Galaxy), and I think that is a great opportunity to correct what I perceive to be a glaring flaw in the first movie:  Gamora’s criminal under-utilization as the most badass character of all.

Now, everyone loves a good, clean karate-fight.  Your Captain America versus Batroc the Leaper, &c.  But also one of the things that makes fights great and interesting is when there are obstacles or limitations that the fighter has to overcome (think basically every Jackie Chan fight scene ever).  These are good ways to make the fight unique and creative, and also often to raise the stakes of a fight scene part way through, so that we don’t get tired of seeing people try to kick each other or what have you.

Guardians of the Galaxy did do one of these, the Gamora / Star-Lord Supine Karate Fight, and don’t get me wrong, I love a good fight where both characters are lying down.  In my opinion, almost ANY fight could be improved by having the fighters lie on the ground and try to hit each other!

Still, you’ve done that once.  Here are some other ideas.

Gamora’s Hands are Tied and the Hallway is Narrow So She Has to Headbutt Five Guys to Death

What I like about this one is the way it gives her a sense of brutal physicality, instead of the usual leggy, kicky physicality that we expect from lady fighters.

Bonus: if Star-Lord is with her, and she has to take out the five guys while he tries to get it together and figure out what’s going on; he’s both an obstacle when he’s trying to help, and an interference tool when she pushes him into other guys.

Gamora Is in an Intersection in the Space Station, and Has to Beat the Shit ouf of Twenty Guys, Keeping them at Bay with the Emergency Bulkhead Doors

So, like, she kicks the guys back, and has to kick the emergency close button on the door; once it closes, it beeps for two or three or four seconds, angry alien dudes fuming behind it, before it opens again.  This way, she can fight a lot of people and control the amount of guys she has to fight at a time.

Bonus:  if there’s a way we can get the guys to have guns and shoot, and there’s one point when she could strategically open a door so they accidentally shoot the guys across the intersection.

Gamora Beats the Shit out of Everyone Using Space Nunchucks

Space Nunchucks are a weapon of my own invention.  They are two sticks that can be attached by a flexible magnetic field at either end.  You can see how this lets you escalate or change the conditions of the fight — Gamora can use them like two sticks, escrima-style (I know escrima is way popular in movie-fighting right now), she can attach them and just wail on people like she’s got regular nunchucks (attached by an invisible, intangible chain), she can also hurl one of the sticks across the room at a guy and use the magnetic field feature to sort of call it back.

(She could even call it back from across the room, but then let it go right before it reached her, so that it flew past her and hit the guy behind her.)

Bonus:  combine it with the previous fight, so that she’s hitting the door locks with the nunchucks.

Double Bonus:  She has two pairs, and one of the sticks gets caught behind one of the doors at one point.

Gamora Beats the Shit out of Everyone Using Zero-Gravity Jiu-Jutsu

It’s pretty hard to actually punch or kick a guy in Zero-Gravity.  Even if you’re pushing off a wall, a lot of the way you damage a person comes from the way their body resists the impact by being attached to the ground.  Sure, their weight and momentum will provide some resistance, but not as much.  It’s similarly impossible to do good throws or tosses without gravity, since you usually need to lever yourself against a solid object.

What you CAN do, though, is hell of joint locks.  Imagine that scene in The Protector, where he just does two minutes of hideous-sounding joint-cracking wrist-snapping bone breaks, only it’s Gamora kicking around in zero gravity, spinning off guys and such before she grabs some limbs and cracks them.

Bonus:  if Gamora is the one who turns the gravity off, so that she can take advantage of her superior knowledge of zero-gravity jiu-jutsu.

Gamora Beats the Shit Out of Some Guys and Also Their Drones, Who Try to Shoot at Her, But Not at their Allies

The most likely villains for Guardians 2 are the Badoon, because obviously.  The Badoon can have drones that shoot at their enemies, and little lights on their chest so the drones know not to track them.  Gamora has to fight the Badoon, constantly interposing the safe soldiers between herself and the drones, while the drones zoom around trying to get a clear shot.

Bonus:  Gamora takes out the last guy by ripping his safety-light off, then after the drone guns him down, she pegs the drone with the light and destroys it.

Gamora Has to Beat the Shit out of Twenty Guys While Groot is in the Way

It’s okay though; the guys have guns, so Gamora keeps jumping around Groot so that they shoot him instead of her — she is swinging off his arm, sliding between his legs, &c., meanwhile, Groot is just swinging around and yelling.

Bonus:  Drax is also in the way.

Gamora Fights Nebula on the Outside of the Space Station Using Grappling Hooks

They are on the outside of the Space Station, so there is no gravity.  Every time someone gets kicked, they basically fly off into space.  Gamora and Nebula have to grab onto assorted antenna and structures, &c., and also use grappling hooks to tether themselves back to the station, in a sort of reverse-Thunderdome scenario.  I especially like this because it gives a lot of opportunity to use the Rope Dart techniques, but not actually with the rope-dart itself.  They can try and knock each other’s grappling cords free, etc.

Bonus:  If they’re actually trying to get somewhere — on the other side of the Space Station, for instance — so they keep having to have to strategically dis-engage the grappling cords and shoot them again, in a kind of zero-gravity “fighting on top of a moving train” scene.

Double Bonus:  the Space Station has some weird MC Escher design, so that some portions have gravity, but “down” is not always in the same direction.

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “Chris, this movie would be, like seventy minutes of Gamora just beating the shit out of people in insane sci-fi ways!”

Yeah.  And?

  1. wimmer76 says:

    Yeah, that would be good if Drax were in the way too.

  2. braak says:

    I guess it’d be possible to string this together into one long fight, in which maybe the other guys have to go Break a Space Frabin, and Gamora needs to fight her way through the space station, and these are the different phases of that fight, that’d be okay.

    Though it would bring up the question of why, in the first movie, when those five guys held Gamora at knifepoint, she didn’t kick the shit out of them and then when that started a prison riot she didn’t just keep kicking the shit out of people until there were a hundred bodies on the floor and the guards had to spray everyone with immobilizing space-foam.

    Man, I hope this James Gunn character hasn’t backed himself into a corner with how dead serious Gamora is supposed to be.

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