Riot Girl Comics 4

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Chelsea Cherry is Riot Girl’s friend, basically since birth. She is the smart one of the pair, with a persistent interest in fashion. She dresses in a sort of 1920s male dandy style, except that she also likes tall heels and makeup (Chelsea Cherry mixes and matches her gender signifiers, you don’t tell her what it means to be a girl). She was born deaf, and received a cochlear implant in her teens, which she subsequently hacked to be compatible with her bluetooth headset. She can listen to all kinds of things on it now, and also sometimes turns it off when she wants to work on a project without distractions.

In typical introvert fashion, Chelsea is bashful around new people, but can’t stop talking once they seem interested in one of her topics of choice.

Chelsea is indispensible for Riot Girl’s superheroing, since Riot Girl’s powers don’t come with super-hearing or telepathy or anything; it’s up to Chelsea to figure out what’s going on, and how to get Riot Girl to the right place at the right time.

(She does this by way of the Gorilla Grid, a network of independent encrypted nodes that hackers have distributed throughout the city so they have a way of communicating without the cops interfering or monitoring.)

(Oh, also she’s black, I wasn’t sure how to indicate that with just the pencil without drawing a bunch of lines all over her face.)

  1. Chelsea Cherry says:

    It’s me! If I was black

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