Riot Girl Comics 5

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Crazy Horse and his band of animals are dangerous, self-serving anarchists, ready and willing to co-opt any discontentment, outrage, or anger in order to sell more albums.

Chelsea Cherry thinks their music is shit, but Crazy Horse insists that, since it’s an entirely new mode of punk music, you can’t judge it by comparing it to previous artworks.

Riot Girl also thinks their music is shit.

crazy horse

Crazy Horse and the animals consists of Crazy Horse — who is definitely…some kind of genius.  Also he has a horse’s head.  Foxy and Moxy both are wearing masks, no one’s sure what they really look like.  By contrast, Lovebird has actual feathers on his arms and can fly with his wings, but he is not especially into the Animals’ sound, or their extra-curricular, gun-related activities.

(He’s kind of a douche to be honest.  Very handsome though.)

The base player for the Animals is the Hellephant.


He comes from a hidden civilization of elephant-men, but he left it for reasons that are known only to him.

Crazy Horse, along with the Chamber of Commerce and the Deinonocracy, is one of Riot Girl’s main nemeses. Every time she thwarts one of his plans, or is insufficiently respectful of his artistic goals, he becomes increasingly obsessed with destroying her.

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