On Eric Garner

Posted: December 3, 2014 in Threat Quality

Look, no one is saying that all cops are murderers, no one here, no one serious is making an argument that every cop is a bad guy, is reckless, is stupid, is either one bad decision or one malicious thought away from murdering a black guy that looked at him the wrong way.

But if there is even ONE cop like that, one dangerous, reckless, stupid, or malicious police officer, and the cops don’t cut him fucking loose, then they are complicit. They are aiding and a-fucking-betting. They are ACCOMPLICES to the murder.

That is really what is at stake here. We know who committed the murder, we ALL SAW IT. We SAW what fucking happened we KNOW that it was just one man who choked Eric Garner to death. No one is calling the rest of the police force, the prosecutor, the Grand Jury, the mayor, the city, no one is calling them murderers because we KNOW who the murderer is, WE ALL FUCKING SAW IT.

We’re calling them accomplices. Because they’re fucking complicit.

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