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Two things I read in the comic shop.  One is Electropolis, by Dean Motter.  The other is the first issue of Warren Ellis’s Supergod.  Let’s do…ah, Electropolis first.


Warren Ellis, as you may know, recently released a book of his essays (I guess?) on Lulu.  He and a friend of his knocked the thing together basically for no money, and now it’s for sale and people buy it.  I haven’t bought it, because I’m not really that excited by Ellis’ criticism, but that’s neither here nor there.

What’s here is this:  to any sensible person, this is a plan that obviously has no direct benefit to a person unless they are Warren Ellis.  And, for some reason, any time anyone mentions that, Warren et al talk to us like we’re a bunch of lazy crybabies.


rabiesThis is actually a kind of a trick, because if you asked me, “Chris, what diseases are you afraid of getting?” the only sensible answer I could reply with is, “All of them.”  But some diseases terrify me more than others because they are TERRIFYING.

As a public service to you, I am going to describe them, and describe why they are terrifying, so that way you will know which things you ought to be afraid of and when.


rex-dexter-1Another entry into the Whitechapel “Remake/Remodel” thread. This week: “Rex Dexter of Mars!”

Well…not exactly “of” Mars. From there, yes,but…


Another entry into the Whitechapel “Remake/Remodel” thread on Warren Ellis’s Whitechapel board.

This week’s entry: Captain Justice!




One of the best features of Warren Ellis’s old Engine forum was the occasional call for redesigns of old/disused/public domain characters. Ellis has resurrected the notion on his current forum, Whitechapel, irma-vepand he picked a doozy to start out with.

Irma Vep is a character from a 1916 French serial “Les Vampires.” She is, essentially, a French goth ninja jewel thief in a black winged bodystocking.

There is absolutely no way to improve on this design. It is simple, elegant, functional, and stylish.

I tried just the same.