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Yesterday, I saw “Future Fest”, which is a Luna Theater production of short “science fiction plays”, themed around time travel (I guess, kind of?), which whole thing is part of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts. I haven’t been doing a lot of reviews of theater lately, for a lot of reasons, but I saw these plays and because they are plays performed in a theater, and because Luna Theater is selling tickets to them, and because it is a part of a cultural even that I, as a Philadelphian, am ostensibly meant to be interested in (“The Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts”, which, I don’t know if that’s a festival of international arts? Or is the festival itself international? Whatever. The point is, it’s not a couple skits some cats were doing in their backyard just for the heck of it), I have decided to write about this.

We need to talk about these plays, guys.


OK, my turn weigh in on the whole “new” Wonder Woman.

(I may echo a few of Braak’s comments, but I wrote this first, I just took my time finding a bunch of pictures, dammit!)

So far, the response has not been kind among the comics fandom. Or non-fandom (warning: some terrifying Fox News-based comments there).

(Though Tim Gunn seems okay with it.)


rex-dexter-1Another entry into the Whitechapel “Remake/Remodel” thread. This week: “Rex Dexter of Mars!”

Well…not exactly “of” Mars. From there, yes,but…