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I was at the comics store in King of Prussia, looking at comic books while I waited for Verizon to fix my superphone.  While I was there, I overheard a conversation between the clerk and, I presume, another customer, about why they were less than enthusiastic about the idea of gay marriage.

This was a revelation for me, I suppose because I tend to assume that people who like the things I like are basically the same as I am.  This was false, and I found myself compelled to get involved.


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“Going Forward”

The executive uses this phrase, or some variation (“the way forward,” et cetera), nine times in one meeting. It’s a signal that, despite his stated confidence in the future, he has no idea what it holds. What’s more, it marks a reluctance to consider his corporation’s past — the missteps and crap initiatives (oh, I could name a few) that brought him to this sad juncture, with his workers diminished in strength and chewing their cuticles over each new memo that hits the inbox.


Dear people who are going to boycott GAP because it isn’t Christmassy enough:

Okay. Fine. I tried to ignore you. But you just won’t have it, will you? You people want a war on Christmas? I WILL GIVE YOU A GODDAMN WAR ON CHRISTMAS.

You fired the first shot, by making sure I heard “Feliz Navidad” piped through the speakers at Kohl’s on NOVEMBER 8. That’s right. You call it a war on Christmas, but over here on the other side of the fight, we call it the War on Keeping My Fucking Sanity For Just One More Damn Month. And you have claimed a valuable chunk of territory, called the Pre-Thanksgiving-November-Strait.