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You might have had your Transformers and your GI Joe (or if your moms shopped at Woolworths, you might have had your GoBots and your The Corps!), but for my money, the greatest toy/TV combo to come out of the 80’s was BraveStarr.

If you are unfamiliar, you can just believe me when I tell you it was a Filmation cartoon about a galactic marshal on a frontier-themed planet in the far future, who defended the townsfolk against evil prospectors and assorted goons.

Oh, and his horse is his partner. By which I do not mean that his horse is “like his best friend.” His horse is a talking, cybernetic alien who can also stand upright and named his massive rifle “Sara Jane.”

This show was my JAM when I was little. I’d already pretty well figured out that I liked Westerns – but that was probably the first time I consciously understood that genres could mash up or blend (and around the time they trotted out the regenerated and time-shifted Sherlock Holmes in future-London, it was pretty much all I wanted to think about).

So you can imagine my enthusiasm when I realized the entire series is streaming on Netflix Instant (what’s that? I should watch Mad Men? I’m not made of time, people). It also got me curious to see if I was remembering all the elements of the show properly, so naturally, I headed over to Wikipedia.

I love Wikipedia entries on 80’s cartoons, because they try so hard to say some pretty ridiculous things with a scholarly tone. And as a result, it is hilarious. Here are the seven true gems, along with one delightful extra:  (more…)

internet-3Like most people, I’m on Facebook.

And like most people, I am frustrated by/wary of it, and also immediately suspicious of anyone who’s not on it.


A new phone, coupled with emotional stress from the theft of my mug at work means one thing: I was distracted from writing a decent post for today. So I’m going to cheat.

 “What’s the deal with Twitter?” I have been asked/overheard at work but didn’t want to get involved in the discussion. The actual question, which people mean but are too polite to phrase this way, is “Why the fuck do I need to care about something that sounds, to me, stupid?”