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Some Notes on Growth

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It’s always hard to talk about “economic growth,” because people in general and Americans in particular tend to talk about things in this very Boolean sort of a way.  i.e.:  Economic growth is good, TRUE OR FALSE?  And if you say “true,” then you’ve got to support everything that “grows the economy” at all times, and anything that interferes with growth in any way is self-evidently bad.  And if you say “false” then you must want there to be no economic growth ever and actually you want the world to descending into a crippling, grinding poverty for eternity until there is no money and everyone is eating old shoes for dinner.

There is, of course, no answer besides “true” and “false”, so when we start with that presumption, the terms of the argument are fixed from the beginning.  While we can argue that some other things might be good as well, we’re stuck having conceded that economic growth is always good everywhere forever.

Well, look.


Riot Girl Comics 5

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Riot Girl Comics 4

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Riot Girl Comics 3

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The Reasonable Men are an army of unstoppable robots of the law, that the Chamber of Commerce calls in when it starts to look like they’re losing control of the regular crowd-control police.


For the most part, they look like robot Bertie Woosters — tweed suits and straw boater hats — with retractable nightsticks for hands.

The lead unit of the Reasonable Men, of course, looks like Jeeves


He has an umbrella shield and a laser hand (as you can see).

The tension in stories with the Reasonable Men is that they look completely ridiculous, but are actually brutal, aggressive, and hyper-competent. They are, exactly as their name doesn’t imply, also completely UNreasonable, immediately escalating all conflicts to blunt-force-trauma subdual mode at the first hint of resistance. (i.e., 158: Failure to Comply with Law Enforcement Demands; the Reasonable Men announce all of the crimes that you are guilty of [usually: Failure to Comply, Resisting Arrest, Aggressive Action] over and over as they beat the hell out of you.)

Who is Threat Quality?
The nerve structure of Threat Quality Press is currently built out of four cultural superspies, staking out different corners of the 21st century. Walking on the generational spiderwebs between print and internet. Born with MTV and relieved to have outlived it.
Ideally, our numbers will grow, as the shape of this thing becomes a little more clear to everyone, and more writers want to join up. (After all, as far as anonymous clubs go, it’s sexier than ham radio and less gender-confused than that one forum you totally didn’t wander into last Saturday night out of sheer boredom, no sir.)

What is Threat Quality?
Threat Quality is about living in the 21st century, how we affect it, and how it gets into us.
It’s whatever’s on our minds. We’re looking to deal with “big idea” writing: history, religion, sex, culture, the future, the past, genius, madness, Cobra Commander.

When is Threat Quality?
Monday through Thursday, one of our writers will post an essay. Fridays are devoted to short fiction pieces. Saturday is picture day. And Sunday? Sunday is the day of rest. AS THE LORD YOUR GOD COMMANDS IT.

Where is Threat Quality?
Right here.
Ah. That was an easy one. (Sister sites will be gathered to your right there, and hopefully that will expand, as everyone gets more comfortable adding independently to the page.)

Why is it called Threat Quality?

In these troubled times, you should think about the overall value and excellence of the world’s hazards, and not just the frequency.
Just because it’s dangerous doesn’t mean it can’t be astounding.
It sounds good.
It was available.
Really, however you rationalized being attracted to that purple-haired, gray-faced “human” at the bar last night? … The one with the neck tattoos? … That’s why.

Come on back throughout the week, and we’ll introduce the team to you.


Threat Quality Begins In…

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We’ll be down in a second.

We have to finish cleaning ourselves up.