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(I have published this piece from Moff, of Moff’s Law Fame; I have done this because I AM NOT AFRAID OF HIM.)

I remembered, at about 1:07 p.m. on Thursday the 1st that November is National Novel Writing Month, and that in recent weeks I had entertained the notion of officially participating this year for the very first time. And so it came to pass that at about 1:08 p.m. on Thursday the 1st, I decided to do so.

Friend of TQP Matt Burns says, “I’d personally love to see a Flash movie. It would have the best running scenes since ‘Chariots of Fire.’ Though I can’t imagine how a film about a fast runner would be marketable.”

Despite all the comic-movie excitement over Marvel’s Avengers franchise, there’s not a lot of attention going to DC’s nascent attempts to build its own movie market. Sure, everyone’s curious about the next Batman movie, and to a lesser extent when the hell a new Superman movie might happen, and to an even lesser extent if there will ever be a worthwhile Wonder Woman movie.

But jeez, Green Lantern is currently filming and nobody outside of IO9 seems to give a shit.

So why isn’t the Warner Bros. movie-making-monster banging the publicity drum for its lesser-known properties, like Marvel did with Iron Man?

The Flash – like Iron Man – has two things going for it as a property: an absolutely awesome costume, and a superpower people can wrap their brains around pretty easily. He’s the Fastest Man Alive.

It also has the same problem as Iron Man – people kinda-sorta recognize the guy, but not enough to be intrinsically interested.

So it’s up to the screenwriters to show why people should give a damn.

Don’t anyone worry: I got this one. I Am Here To Help.


(Or, “SHUT UP, OLD MAN, I’ll use a damn adverb if I want!”)

After watching the premiere of “Justified” on FX* – spoiler alert, it was pretty badass and I recommend you catch it one of the 20 other times it will air in the next week – I remembered to track down and link to an article Elmore Leonard wrote a while back, his “10 Rules for Writing.”

I love Elmore Leonard. Read a Leonard book, and you know that at the least you’ll be amused, and at the most you’ll probably have a new favorite book to add to your list. There’s something about everything he writes that immediately assures the reader, “Don’t worry – I know exactly what I’m doing.” So, if the man wants to lay down some basic ground rules, chances are they’re going to be practical and useful.

And indeed they are. Except for two that just drive me nuts, not least of which because I’m a little guilty of them myself.


rex-dexter-1Another entry into the Whitechapel “Remake/Remodel” thread. This week: “Rex Dexter of Mars!”

Well…not exactly “of” Mars. From there, yes,but…


*Not literally

One of my favorite gags is the misuse of the word “literally.” It’s one of those linguistic ticks, like overuse of hyperbole or misunderstanding of irony (and hey, thanks to Alanis Morrisette, even my compass is off for what’s ironic and what’s just damn weird). (more…)