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Good question.

Here’s an article about how Amazon just bought BookSurge, an actual honest-to-god press.  Now, I’ll admit that I thought that Amazon already HAD it’s own press, and that was what they were doing Createspace with, but it turns out no — they were doing all of their printing with a third party.

[EDIT:  Duh, this article is a reprint from 2008.  On the one hand, I am an idiot for not checking more closely; on the other hand, who fucking reprints the news?  It’s not exactly “new” anymore then, is it?  Anyway, basically everything I say after this remains true, despite all that.]

So.  Hm.


Is apparently made by hilarious idiots?  In the first place, the best way to submit a text for conversion is as a web page.  Which, you know, makes sense, in its way, though it’d be nice if it said that somewhere on the DTP website.

But equally hilarious is the fact that, even when you submit it as a web page, their “conversion process” still takes out tabs, spaces, switches sentences around, removes headings, all apparently at random.

It turns out that the REAL best way to do it is to have Smashwords convert it into a Kindle file first, and then, once someone else has already done the work of conversion, only THEN submitting it to Amazon.  Which still puts it through a “conversion process”, but hopefully isn’t making it look like shit?

It’s hard to tell, because the preview function doesn’t actually show you what the book is going to look like one someone’s Kindle.

Anyway.  New version out to the Kindle; in theory, it ought to correct any formatting problems if you’ve already bought it.  As usual, if it doesn’t, email threatquality (at) gmail (dot) com, and I can just send you the damn thing, because I HAVE IT, and it’s LEGIBLE, it’s just that Amazon’s system is run by idiots.

Alternately, you can get a good Kindle version of Mr. Stitch or The Translated Man and Other Stories here at Smashwords.