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So.  My new play, The Empress of the Moon, is done-ish.  First draft done, anyway.  We start rehearsals for it today, and we can spend a week or so doing some major re-writes to it, because I have to start choreographing the MILLION swordfights that it requires.  Right now, I want to take a minute though, and talk about why, even if this play doesn’t turn out to be really great, I think it’s important that it got written.

There are a lot of women that work in the theater.


Aphra Behn

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Braak, poetics
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Hello, everyone!  I am beginning a new project, now.  I am going to write a play over the next…err…two months or so, about this person, Aphra Behn:

The first woman in history to make her living as a playwright!