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Batwoman Vol. 1: Hydrology remains a frustrating read for me because it’s nowhere near as fun as it should be when you look at the parts making up its whole:

  • It is drawn by J.H. Williams…
  • Starring a lesbian punkabilly socialite with military training who runs her Batwoman operations as combat missions with the help of her version of Alfred, her army colonel father…
  • Missions that usually involve monster-men, ghost-ladies, the Religion of Crime and an Alice-in-Wonderland themed crazy who is actually Batwoman’s presumed-dead twin…
  • While trying to evade the eyes of the Department of Extranormal Operations, which is headed by a skeleton in a suit who smokes cigars.

Honestly, how is this thing not better?  (more…)

This week, we’re checking out two of the most generally anticipated (and quickly sold out) comics of DC’s relaunch – Grant Morrison’s young-Superman-adventures Action Comics, Gail Simone’s opening argument for why Barbara Gordon is sans wheelchair in Batgirl, and finally Stormwatch, the first book integrating Wildstorm concepts into DC Proper.

And what a mixed bag we get. What surprised me most about these three titles is how each one managed to not quite match my expectations.

The low point: Batgirl

This was pretty disappointing. I was actually hoping for the best here, because while I didn’t agree with DC’s decision to get Barbara Gordon out of the wheelchair and back into her Batgirl identity, I at least understood it. The Barbara version is the most recognizable to the public, the premise (the mousy daughter of Batman’s cop best friend is inspired to become an acrobatic crimefighter) is rock-solid, so sure, I get it.  (more…)