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Highly recommended: Black Dynamite, a blaxploitation homage/parody that is utterly, utterly hilarious, while also being not half-bad as a movie itself. It will also confirm what you probably already knew: that everyone should have their own personalized theme song, to be played whenever they do something cool.

Starring Michael Jai White (who everyone should forget starred in Spawn), Mykelti Williamson, and an incredibly intrusive boom mike.

But it did raise this question for me: I know they look pretty badass and all, and whenever I get Liu Kang to use them in Mortal Kombat I do okay, but…are nunchucks really all that effective as weapons?

I mean, a stick attached by a chain or rope to another stick? It seems like, physics-wise, you wouldn’t be getting all the power you could, as opposed to just using, say, a stick (or two sticks, one in each hand? Double-clubbing action!)

Anyway: Discuss.