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So, I didn’t think that I especially cared very much about The Avengers 2: Robo-Boogaloo and after seeing the teaser trailer I actually still kind of don’t. But I also kind of do, because even though the adventures of a bunch of super-powered guys who shoot and punch shooting and punching a bunch of robots doesn’t have a huge amount of appeal for me, puzzles about story DO have some appeal for me.

I am, therefore, going to play a game – based on what we’ve got here in the trailer and the very little we know about what’s definitely in the movie, I’m going to see if I can figure out what happens in it.

Strictly-speaking, this is me just improvising – I am sort of talking my way through the sort of movie that I might make if I knew these things had to be in it. Don’t count it as a real prediction (though, if I turn out to be exactly right, or close to right, or even better than the movie that actually comes out, definitely call me up to work on all of your movies, you guys know I am a genius, right?); this is the idle speculation game.

Let’s play though. (more…)

Now that the next slate of Summer Superhero Movies are getting their early media attention (the Captain America cover story in Entertainment Weekly; Green Lantern‘s trailer popping up the same day Ryan Reynolds was announced as People’s Sexiest Man, and why don’t I just throw the link to that Thor sizzle-reel in here too), the time has come to turn back to an obvious question:

Who the hell else is there to make into a movie?

This may be an irrelevant question in the near future, what with talk of David E. Kelley taking the reigns of a Wonder Woman series and Guillermo del Toro working on a Hulk show. The future of the superhero in other media may well be TV.  (more…)