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I could just title this post “Captain America Is Great And Everyone Should Go See It Now,” but that would be a bit lazy of me. So here are five solid reasons to go see what is maybe the best Marvel movie out there.

(Sorry, Iron Man. I still love you, too. Stop looking at me like that, Thor and X-Men 2!)

Anyway, I’m gonna try to keep this spoiler-free, so don’t panic:  (more…)

In the past, I have put together serious considerations of which summer movies I’m going to go and see, but this year, things have been made more difficult.

This year, I’ve not only got to figure out which movies to go to – I have to figure out which COMIC BOOK MOVIES I’m supposed to choose, within the larger selection.

Sigh. It used to be so easy.

At some point, in the distant past, movies didn’t use to cost $11, you see. Tell your grandchildren that. But it’s summer movie season in 2011, and so we’re pretty well screwed. It doesn’t matter that I’ve sworn off seeing the 3D version of things, because I know by and large that’s just a waste of $3. This time of year where you’re not just watching a movie – you’re buying snacks, too.

“But Holland, why don’t you just grab some candy from the Target next to the movie theater?” Ohhh, you think you’re SO SMART, imaginary blog critic.  (more…)


Is pretty much the worst thing in the world.


is pretty much the best thing in the world.

Adjust your scales accordingly.

Back later with something slightly more substantial, but for now I just wanted to point out that Chris Evans has officially been cast as Captain America.

This is good. While perhaps not as interesting a choice as John Krasinski might have been, it also could have been cast by any number of attractive, well-built blond actors with the relative charisma of a turnip.

Evans has long been the best part of movies that are not exactly what you’d call “good” (much like Ryan Reynolds over on the forthcoming Green Lantern). That is the faintest praise that can be directed at Fantastic Four 2, but he’s still earned every bit of it.

I would also like to point out to every other website that posted this news: You see how this picture doesn’t make him look like a preening underwear model? It took me FIVE SECONDS to find it.

Granted – there do seem to be a LOT of pictures of Chris Evans with his shirt off.

Anyway, a charismatic actor in a WWII set adventure flick directed by Joe Johnston. At best, this could be Raiders of the Lost Ark. At worst, it could be The Rocketeer.

And I fricking love The Rocketeer.

I think John Krasinski would be a pretty good Captain America.

That is all.

Hi. First, let’s just get this out of the way right now: you are stupid.

Now then, let’s take a look at what you’re upset about:

The letterer of the comic, under a deadline crunch, used actual Teaparty protest signs in a panel where Cap and the Falcon were talking about an angry mob of racist lunatics.

Well…heh. Okay, I can see how, if you think your mob is NOT made up of paranoid, angry, ill-informed racist lunatics then that might be somewhat offensive to you.

The writer, Ed Brubaker, and Marvel’s editor in chief Joe Quesada have both apologized and tried to explain that this was a simple goof, not an implied assault on the teaparty people.

But you teaparty people – and yes, I am saying “Teaparty people” because even I stopped laughing at “teabaggers” after a while, though I’m pretty sure you still haven’t bothered to google the term (DO NOT DO AN IMAGE SEARCH!) – were still angry, and went scouring Ed Brubaker’s twitter account for signs of left-leaning sentiments. (more…)

Watching Inglourious Basterds (and yes, there will be spoilers, but seriously, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before – it involves the treatment of Hitler in the movie, if that gives you any indication), two things struck me:

1)      This may be Quentin Tarantino’s best movie since Pulp Fiction.

2)      God, I hope the people putting together the Captain America movie are paying attention.

Basterds decides there’s no good reason to be faithful to history if it’s just a movie. Now, most movies take liberties with history for the sake of drama (coughPearlHarborcoughretchgag), but Tarantino takes it a step further, by ignoring pesky facts like “Hitler didn’t get shot in the face by a squad of vengeful Jews in a burning movie theater.”