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See, the goggles tell you I'm SINISTER. The goatee doesn't hurt, either.

It is a truly vile, evil theory, and if I’m right, I am quite impressed.

Now, as is well known in certain circles, I am what is generally referred to as an “evil genius.” One might even use the term “diabolical miscreant” but I don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth (…yet! Moo-hoo-ha-ha-haaa). Point is, yo, over here: supervillain. Henchmen, complicated machinery (see this Thursday’s post!), all of that jazz. I gots it.

In fact, “Threat Quality Press” is merely a shell corporation for my real sinister endeavors. (Yes, just like the Mars Corp. backed Cobra. They got the idea from me, I swear.) I reveal all this so you know I have what the commoners who will soon be GROUND BENEATH MY POINTY EVIL BOOT-HEELS WOOO-HOO-HAAAA (sorry, habit) refer to as “cred.”

Now, before I begin unraveling my diabolical theory, congratulations are in order. So, from one evil genius to another: James Cameron? I salute you, sir.