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Back later with something slightly more substantial, but for now I just wanted to point out that Chris Evans has officially been cast as Captain America.

This is good. While perhaps not as interesting a choice as John Krasinski might have been, it also could have been cast by any number of attractive, well-built blond actors with the relative charisma of a turnip.

Evans has long been the best part of movies that are not exactly what you’d call “good” (much like Ryan Reynolds over on the forthcoming Green Lantern). That is the faintest praise that can be directed at Fantastic Four 2, but he’s still earned every bit of it.

I would also like to point out to every other website that posted this news: You see how this picture doesn’t make him look like a preening underwear model? It took me FIVE SECONDS to find it.

Granted – there do seem to be a LOT of pictures of Chris Evans with his shirt off.

Anyway, a charismatic actor in a WWII set adventure flick directed by Joe Johnston. At best, this could be Raiders of the Lost Ark. At worst, it could be The Rocketeer.

And I fricking love The Rocketeer.