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Friend of TQP Matt Burns says, “I’d personally love to see a Flash movie. It would have the best running scenes since ‘Chariots of Fire.’ Though I can’t imagine how a film about a fast runner would be marketable.”

Despite all the comic-movie excitement over Marvel’s Avengers franchise, there’s not a lot of attention going to DC’s nascent attempts to build its own movie market. Sure, everyone’s curious about the next Batman movie, and to a lesser extent when the hell a new Superman movie might happen, and to an even lesser extent if there will ever be a worthwhile Wonder Woman movie.

But jeez, Green Lantern is currently filming and nobody outside of IO9 seems to give a shit.

So why isn’t the Warner Bros. movie-making-monster banging the publicity drum for its lesser-known properties, like Marvel did with Iron Man?

The Flash – like Iron Man – has two things going for it as a property: an absolutely awesome costume, and a superpower people can wrap their brains around pretty easily. He’s the Fastest Man Alive.

It also has the same problem as Iron Man – people kinda-sorta recognize the guy, but not enough to be intrinsically interested.

So it’s up to the screenwriters to show why people should give a damn.

Don’t anyone worry: I got this one. I Am Here To Help.