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I made a joke in the comments on THIS POST, at the Toast, about how I would like to watch a movie that was just Heather Lagenkamp and Jamie Lee Curtis going around and solving mysteries, but then I started to think about it and actually this is basically a completely amazing idea that I will now elaborate.

The premise of Final Girls, Inc., is that our heroines have formed what is essentially a private-detective agency, except instead of going around from town to town and fighting and killing monsters, they go around in search of other “final girls” — people who have survived horrific encounters with the supernatural — and help them cope with the trauma and put their lives back together.



I am going to write about Ghost Rider, now, because you know, whatever man. I grew up reading comics in the nineties, when Ghost Rider enjoyed a renewed popularity, and he (along with Wolverine) was a part of that sort of angsty-violent-anti-hero era of superheroes that teenaged boys are always digging on because when you turn fourteen it’s kind of not cool to be enthusiastic about things that are Nice.

Anyway, perhaps it’s a coincidence of when I was introduced, a peculiar kink in my own psychological history, but I love the hell out of Ghost Rider.  (Hahaha, pun.)


It’s taken for granted that the artifacts of our culture are barometers for the zeitgeist, but just how true is it?  Are Superman’s portrayals in the comics indicative of changing national attitudes towards power, criminality, and patriotism?  Is Superman’s popularity as a character directly correspondent with social conservatism, or a liberal foreign policy?


I have to write this, I guess, because Holland called his article “Holland’s take”, and that automatically implies that I’m going to have some different kind of a take.  And I guess I kind of do.  Not completely different, but I do think the position of “Just Don’t Buy It” skirts perilously close with “Everyone Shut Up and Let BUYING Decide,” which I’ve argued is a bullshit position.  And that makes me interested in the entire nature of this Before Watchmen conversation.


So, Chris Sims –of ComicsAlliance and Invincible Super-Blog fame — is working on a new comic called Dracula the Unconquered along with Steve Downer and Josh Krach.  The comic comes out at the end of October and, as a prelude to that, I — BRAAK! — was privileged to interview Mr. Sims and discuss some important issues.  Mainly about the comic, though, we didn’t talk about the merits of ontological determinism or anything.  Some good stuff, though.  Here is the interview!

(And some art, mostly pilfered from Steve Downer’s twitter feed — @downersteve)

Returned to life ten years after being chained in the Tower of London, the former Lord of the Vampires and his new assistant, Thalia, battle to stop their enemies from unleashing an undead army on the world. Action Age Comics proudly presents an adventure into the heart of horror: Dracula the Unconquered!


DCU Online

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I have started playing DCU Online, which is a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game that takes place in the DC comics universe. So, you make a superhero or a supervillain, and you fly around and start punching people. It’s pretty cool, but there are some caveats.


Hand of danger page 5 previewHand of Danger is here, and ready to…uh…you know.  Dangerize.  Things.