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I made a joke in the comments on THIS POST, at the Toast, about how I would like to watch a movie that was just Heather Lagenkamp and Jamie Lee Curtis going around and solving mysteries, but then I started to think about it and actually this is basically a completely amazing idea that I will now elaborate.

The premise of Final Girls, Inc., is that our heroines have formed what is essentially a private-detective agency, except instead of going around from town to town and fighting and killing monsters, they go around in search of other “final girls” — people who have survived horrific encounters with the supernatural — and help them cope with the trauma and put their lives back together.


Riot Girl Comics 5

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Riot Girl Comics 4

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Riot Girl Comics 3

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The Reasonable Men are an army of unstoppable robots of the law, that the Chamber of Commerce calls in when it starts to look like they’re losing control of the regular crowd-control police.


For the most part, they look like robot Bertie Woosters — tweed suits and straw boater hats — with retractable nightsticks for hands.

The lead unit of the Reasonable Men, of course, looks like Jeeves


He has an umbrella shield and a laser hand (as you can see).

The tension in stories with the Reasonable Men is that they look completely ridiculous, but are actually brutal, aggressive, and hyper-competent. They are, exactly as their name doesn’t imply, also completely UNreasonable, immediately escalating all conflicts to blunt-force-trauma subdual mode at the first hint of resistance. (i.e., 158: Failure to Comply with Law Enforcement Demands; the Reasonable Men announce all of the crimes that you are guilty of [usually: Failure to Comply, Resisting Arrest, Aggressive Action] over and over as they beat the hell out of you.)


Okay, I wasn’t going to write about this.  I am practicing this new thing where I try not to get worked up about stuff, and instead try to maintain a sort of zen equanimity about things that I can’t control, that don’t affect me, and that — in the long run — probably don’t matter very much.  But I read this article from Glen Weldon at NPR: “Dear Zack Snyder, Regarding Wonder Woman“, which is one of those dumb open-letter things where you write to someone who you know could not possibly care about what you have to say.  I read it and then I sort of succumbed to temptation, and so I guess I am going to write about this whole business.

So.  Zack Snyder is directing Batman Vs. Superman, and Wonder Woman is going to be in it, and for the part of Wonder Woman they have cast an actress named Gal Gadot, who was in the Fast and Furious movies.  Here she is:



Riot Girl Comics 2

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I am still practicing at the ART, so one day maybe I will be good enough to make my comic, which is going to be the best fucking comic ever you guys.  RIOT GIRL is 100% AWESOME.

Anyway, here are some sketches.


Riot Girl Comics

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So, for a while now I have had in my head what is basically going to be the best comic ever, and I can’t really do anything with it, because I can’t draw, and for some reason, artists always want to work on THEIR dumb projects, instead of mine (even though mine are better).

My friend Cara thinks that I am going to have to practice for a long, long time before my art is good enough to do the ideas I have for this comic any kind of justice at all, so I guess I’d better get to work. I got twenty fat sheets of vellum in this sketchbook, that’s forty pages of arting.

Experiments with Slideshow.  I wish I could tinker with it so the change wasn’t a fade, but what can you do?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am going to discuss The Dark Knight Rises at length, now, and I am of no mind to be careful about what I reveal — like I’ve said before, I don’t really “review” things, like, “Should I go and see this on Saturday?”  Yes, you should go see The Dark Knight Rises.  That is my review.  What follows here is a discussion of the movie, and to that effect you must understand that there will be Spoilers, and this entire opening paragraph before the jump is actually just an extended Spoiler Warning, and I don’t want to hear any of you punk suckers crying to me if I reveal that Hulk punches Thor or something, all right?



So, remember that DC market research survey I talked about a while ago?  Well, the results are in, and they’re over here.

Quelle surprise, DC has not significantly altered its demographic in any way, just like everyone said they weren’t going to by doing basically exactly the same thing that they’ve always done.

Moreover, no information is available about WHY PEOPLE DIDN’T PURCHASE BOOKS.  Not only THAT!  Not only did they not ask the question!  But it turns out that they didn’t even count surveys in which the respondents didn’t actually purchase a title — which means they have ZERO statistics on the people who looked at, but didn’t BUY any of their comics.

When I was in the 10th grade, I took an anthropology class and we decided to get statistics on the people who came into our classroom by accident (a pretty frequent occurrence), in the hopes of gleaning useful information about them.  Halfway through proposing the study, we realized it would be completely fucking useless if we didn’t check to see how many people DIDN’T come into our room by accident.

In the tenth grade.  Before we even started the survey.

Above all, this was plainly a survey that was not designed to find out what the problems were (because if it had been, they would have asked clear questions about the things they knew were problems), but one that was designed to affirm what DC wanted to believe:  it was commissioned as a way to PROVE THEIR SUCCESS, not to figure out their failures.  Bad science, DC; not only did you not succeed at your goals, but now you don’t even know why.

You guys.

Nielsen is just a bad market research company.