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CommunityStudio execs know this about comedies: “People like to laugh at things that are funny!” Everything else is just fricking baffling to them.

Throughout the decade, networks have been trying like hell to figure out why people don’t seem to like the comedies they put out every fall. They just want people to laugh, dammit, so why is the viewing public so damn fickle?

They have no luck offering variations on established laugh-getters. “You liked Kelsey Grammar as a finicky radio host – why don’t you like him as a TV news anchor?!” they ask. “10 years, you people chuckled along with ‘Friends’ – yet you turn your back on ‘The Class,’ which had a premise that was at once more high-concept and yet somehow thinner than ‘6 people who like each other.’ WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE AMERICA HAPPY?!”

Then real frustration kicks in.