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Observations from the Liquor Store

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Braak
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I am working at the liquor store.  Often unfairly derided, the Pennsylvania State Liquor store is, arguably, one of the best things that the state does.  It makes billions of dollars in profits for the state (this in addition to the taxes; and so is the only state agency to cost no money to maintain); it actually has a better selection than all but the highest-end liquor stores in other states, and is typically one of the first places that new wines and liquors are introduced (because if you’re Dan Aykroyd, and you want to sell Crystal Skull vodka, who do you want to go to?  Why, the single largest purchaser of spirits in America:  the State of Pennsylvania).


You guys may or may not know about this, but I’ve been having some troubles in life lately.  They are, I think, rooted directly in a quirk of my psychology that I want to write about a little bit here, because…well, because I think it’s worth writing about, at least, and anyway it’s better than watching TV.

The basic problem that I have is that I am lazy.