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More later – I want to do a little talking about the Dr. Who premiere – but first, let’s address the issue of the lesbian teen in Mississippi who wasn’t allowed to go to the prom with her girlfriend.

In a move that shocks absolutely no one who holds a dim view of human nature, the school district apparently held a decoy prom for her, her girlfriend, and a few kids with learning disabilities. Meanwhile, across town, was the real prom.

Now! It is easy to say that this town is full of bigoted, childish, hillbilly dirt-eating chicken-fucking window-licking sons of bitches. It’s fun, too. But this is a site where we look for the positive (when not calling people idiots or, uh, window-licking sons of bitches), so here it is:

Throughout this experience, Constance McMillen has been given every incentive in the world to get the hell out of Bumfuck, MS. She has learned that this town holds nothing for her, does not support her and will never help her become the person she probably should.

I mean, every teenager thinks this of their hometown on some level, but McMillen has empirical proof. That doesn’t come along every day, y’know.

Meanwhile, voices of support all over the internet have shown her that there are many, many places where this level of Institutional Assholery do not exist.

And hopefully, when she graduates, she will pack a bag and run for those places as fast as her little legs can carry her.