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I’m not against rebooting a franchise. I’m not even above rebooting it multiple times, because it means ideally they learned something along the way. Incredible Hulk is a better movie than Hulk, and I’ll bet you Avengers will have a better handle on the character than Incredible Hulk.

And I’ll bet someone could chop up all three Punisher movies and make them into something that’s actually pretty awesome (if, y’know, the lead character’s face changing in every scene might be a little surreal).

Which is why saying the Daredevil sequel won’t be a straight reboot, but will just not so much mention the previous movie, is a little surprising, in an era when it’s easier just to start over.

I’m on record as saying that Daredevil is not…that bad. I mean, certainly it’s not good, no, I can’t make that case. When you watch a movie starring a lawyer and you can’t figure out whether he’s prosecution or defense, we can safely call this one Flawed.  (more…)