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So, let me think about this a little.  I feel like, because we don’t have the “hero discovers his powers” option available to us (actually we do, but let me save that for a minute), then this is another “superhero” movie that needs to not have the superhero be the protagonist (see:  Aquaman).  And we also kind of need to scale the Martian Manhunter back a little bit, too, because his powers are:  flight, super-strength, invincibility, super-speed, laser eyes, shapechangeing, telepathy, intangibility…it is a lot of powers.  It’s basically “all the powers,” and it’s hard to sell drama when your main character is a guy with all the powers.


So apparently there are enough people upset about the upcoming DC relaunch that they are actually going to stage a protest at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Now, sure, this can be viewed as stupid.

For one thing, they’re boycotting something they still don’t really know anything about, on the grounds that it’s throwing out everything they loved about the “old” DC Comics, even though since the initial (somewhat jarring announcements), it sounds a lot more like it’s simply dressing up and streamlining existing properties, with a few continuity tweaks here and there.

In other words, this is Zero Hour, not Crisis on Infinite Earths.

For another, the protest is ostensibly to get DC to see the fans’ passion, realize its folly and abandon its broad, sweeping publishing paradigm that’s been in the works for about a year at least, and, umm. A protest is a bold gesture, sure, but a boycott – the “voting with your wallet” notion that all the big publishers insist is what they really listen to (and the buying public has shown, time and time again, that they will buy these event books they so often decry) – is really the way to go here.

But at the heart of this protest is the central idea, “We were happy with how things were, and we don’t want you to change it.”

And…this is really the part that I can’t quite grasp. Because despite our periodic needling about the relaunch (mostly on aesthetic grounds), I think I’m actually on board with changing things up. The reason for this is one name long:

Robin.  (more…)

What is DC Comics up to these days?  Perhaps this helpful screencap from the DC Comics TV show will clear things up.

After the first lump of underwhelming announcements – “More Green Lantern books by the same Green Lantern writers” – followed by a second lump of Bat-family announcements – “Here’s a metric ton of Batman comics, we hear the kids like that guy” – I was beginning to wonder when the “exciting” part of DC’s “exciting new relaunch” was going to kick in.

And I’m a fairly cynical comics reader, but when you tell me there’s going to be a Justice League comic headlined by John Constantine, Zatanna* and Deadman…okay. Okay. I’m listening.  (more…)

I wanted to wait a little while to comment on the Big News From DC Comics, because information has been coming out at a trickle and it seems silly to make an informed judgment until all the cards have been laid down.

But DC’s plans could have a huge impact on the state of the comics industry, and the moves we DO know are enough to consider on their own, even as we wait for the September solicitations to fill in some more of the blanks (and hopefully ease the hardcore DC fans’ collective freakout).

So, here’s what we do know:


Meaning: DC will now be releasing every one of its new releases both to retail comic stores AND on its digital download platform for download onto your tablet or nook or whatever it is you have (unless it’s a Kindle HAHAHAHAH awww).

Who This Matters To: The readers who have made a habit of going to the store every Wednesday to pick up new books – and especially those who make a special trip 25+ miles away just to pick up a 22-page monthly magazine, for whom that tablet option just got a lot more attractive.  (more…)

DC Comics

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You may have heard by now (and if you’re Carl, heard and complained by now) that DC comics is doing something daring.  Starting in September, they’re going to restart all of their titles at #1.  This is generally referred to as the DC reboot, but I’m not sure if that’s a completely accurate descriptor.


…speaking as a writer, I kinda want to bash his face in with a brick.morrison

Okay, that was unreasonably harsh, and I immediately take it back. But still, you go and read this, and see how you react – particularly if you’ve ever written a piece of fiction.