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The Arrow pilot wasn’t bad, but then, considering it was essentially a mash-up of the first half of Batman Begins (playboy comes back from traumatic adventure abroad with new skill set and objectives, while maintaining playboy persona) with the pilot for REVEEEEENNNNNNGGGGEEE!!!! (socialite with secret plans to upset corrupt order butts up against plotting and fiendish rich people), it was a pretty easy formula to stick.

And yes, I’m kind of partial to Green Arrow, though mostly as a featured character on Justice League Unlimited and the urban hunter period from the late 80’s. Stephen Amell doesn’t get a lot to do to show off, actor-wise, but he manages to switch from “scary and spookily calm” to “vapid party-boy” pretty nicely.

Mostly, though, I like the interpretation of the Oliver Queen character so far: a blend of his early Batman-knockoff days (the playboy-adventurer), the leftie man of the people (Oliver’s plans are a response to Starling City’s depression), the Grell hunter period and even the Andy Diggle Year One miniseries.

And from an overall standpoint, the tone manages to be serious and action-focused without becoming too dour or embarrassed by its comics routes, and not overly stylized to point of becoming distracting.

So yes, “Secret leftie parkour vigilante playboy fights corrupt businessmen, drug kingpins, poverty and his asshole family” probably has some legs, and I’m hoping the next episode is as solid as this one was.

THAT SAID. I have some concerns and complaints, which I will list thusly in no particular order:  (more…)

I didn’t find this one as offensively stupid as Suicide Squad, so don’t expect a huge and furious rant about it, but I did have some (mostly one) major problem with Deathstroke #1 (by Kyle Higgins, art by Joe Bennett & Art Thibert).  It’s a problem rooted in the spoiler, and I’ll get to it in a minute once I’ve brought you up to speed.