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I saw this on the internet and wanted to respond to it. I’m actually at the very beginning of the millennial generation, I think, or the very tail end of Generation X – the lines are fuzzy, but I was born in 1981, which is roughly where the line is drawn. For whatever reason, I find myself more instinctively protective of the younger generation than I am sympathetic to the older one. Partly this is because I have a younger brother, who is most certainly a millennial; partly because I just hate the Olds, I expect.

So, I want to politely offer up a quick “Fuck You” to Brooke Donatone, author of the Slate article “Why Millennials Can’t Grow Up,” just up here at the top, and I’ve got a little bit more later on about just why I think Brooke Donatone should have her license to practice psychotherapy revoked. (I assume you need a license for it? Or can anyone with an opinion and a finally-honed sense of judgment just hang out a shingle? Is “psychotherapist” an actual job, or just some sort of a weird cult?)

The Days of the Black Dog

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Braak
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I’ll write about it, because this sort of thing is always difficult to talk about  to another person. Not just because it gets stuck in your throat, which it does, and who knows why?  Shame, probably, which I suspect is close to the root of the whole thing.  But also because when you talk about depression, there’s always a host of reasonable questions that the person to whom you’re speaking thinks of, and they ask them, and so you never make any progress.