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Now that the next slate of Summer Superhero Movies are getting their early media attention (the Captain America cover story in Entertainment Weekly; Green Lantern‘s trailer popping up the same day Ryan Reynolds was announced as People’s Sexiest Man, and why don’t I just throw the link to that Thor sizzle-reel in here too), the time has come to turn back to an obvious question:

Who the hell else is there to make into a movie?

This may be an irrelevant question in the near future, what with talk of David E. Kelley taking the reigns of a Wonder Woman series and Guillermo del Toro working on a Hulk show. The future of the superhero in other media may well be TV.  (more…)


As you read this, I am (not literally) wrestling with a great big turkey, a barrel of brine, and my first attempt ever to make mashed potatoes after recently discovering that not only are they NOT, as I have previously suggested, “The Devil,” but are in fact pretty damn tasty if they aren’t made from a box freeze-dried flakes.

Or, I am asleep, if you are reading this before noon.

Yes, it is the great holiday known as Let’s Eat Starches and Pass Out After a Heroic Intake of Shiraz Thanksgiving, the time of year when you say things you’re thankful for. Only YOU lie at the dinner table and say stuff like “family” and “health” when the TRUTH is, you’re thankful for stuff like the latest “Doctor Who” special. But somehow your family wouldn’t really appreciate that admission.

Well, you’re here with us at Threat Quality Press, where you can say what you’re really thankful for. Here, I’ll get the ball rolling:

Strange #1:
I’ve long been a proponent of making Dr. Strange closer to Dr. Who, and now one of my favorite comics scribes, Mark Waid, has made my dreams come true, with “Strange,” the first mini-series depicting the hero after he’s lost the title of Sorcerer Supreme: as a Guy Who Knows Things and investigates, with the help of useful people he meets.

While I generally prefer buying comics when published in collected format, I still wanted to buy the first issue, precisely for this moment: