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Hm. Haven’t been able to write much. This is for three reasons:

1. Work stuff occupies work time

2. I just got a Playstation 3 and did you guys know that Batman is in a videogame?!

3. I don’t really have much to say about the news of the day that hasn’t already been covered perfectly well somewhere else (plus, it’s pretty hard to find a lot to say outside of “In case you didn’t know, Frank Miller’s out of his fucking mind”).

However, something came to my attention recently that bugged me enough that I feel the need to comment:

It turns out that pirated comic books are actually the best format to read digital comics in.  (more…)

So, Chris Sims –of ComicsAlliance and Invincible Super-Blog fame — is working on a new comic called Dracula the Unconquered along with Steve Downer and Josh Krach.  The comic comes out at the end of October and, as a prelude to that, I — BRAAK! — was privileged to interview Mr. Sims and discuss some important issues.  Mainly about the comic, though, we didn’t talk about the merits of ontological determinism or anything.  Some good stuff, though.  Here is the interview!

(And some art, mostly pilfered from Steve Downer’s twitter feed — @downersteve)

Returned to life ten years after being chained in the Tower of London, the former Lord of the Vampires and his new assistant, Thalia, battle to stop their enemies from unleashing an undead army on the world. Action Age Comics proudly presents an adventure into the heart of horror: Dracula the Unconquered!