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I am now taking my position as freelance film-dramaturg seriously.  It is my belief that any move can be good, and that every movie SHOULD be good.  It doesn’t cost anything extra, it doesn’t hurt your chances of your success.  Even if it’s not going to make you any money, your movie should still be good.  A dramaturg, in this context, functions essentially as an in-house critic:  someone whose job is to remain at a remove from the material in a way that directors, actors, and writers can’t, to insure, in a broad way, that the themes, ideas, concepts, & al. are all concomitant with each other.

Recently, Peter Morel, who directed Taken, was interviewed by MTV about his upcoming adaptation of Dune.  He said many things, among them his utmost respect for the books, and his dissatisfaction with David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation (which I maintain is grossly under-rated).  Here’s what he said that caught my eye: