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In our ongoing effort to provide you, the READER!, with more books, Threat Quality Press has produced yet another book!  Facsimile, by TQP contributor Erin L. Snyder is now available for purchase.

$8.99 at Amazon, $2.99 in the Kindle Store.

“At AuroroTech, we record your actions and your words, then transform that data into a lifelike simulation. After that, the possibilities are endless. Imagine meeting yourself, being able to experience what others truly see and hear when they talk to you. Imagine if your friends and family could always keep in touch, no matter how busy you are. Imagine if in a hundred years from now, a part of you remains for future generations to interact with.”

When Persephone Kilard signed up and strapped on the miniature recorder, all she wanted was a social networking service that would take the actual work of socializing off of her hands. Fringe religious groups could wax poetic about deeper meanings and universal truths; she just wanted to make her life a little easier. After all, the simulation was only supposed to be her reflection, not her soul.

But there was one small glitch. Suddenly Persephone’s digital profile has a mind of its own. Face to face with herself, Persephone is forced to confront questions about the nature of identity that she’d rather avoid. She’d better figure it out quickly, though, because hers isn’t the only mind lurking in AuroroTech’s drives and networks. Somewhere, hidden in the code, a simulated ghost is watching her while the border between reality and replica unravels. The virtual danger is becoming all too real, and both versions of Persephone need to uncover the truth if either is going to have a chance to survive.



[Short fiction submission today:  “The Window”, by most excellent Friend of Threat Quality, Erin Snyder.]

“The Window”

It should be noted that Julius was in no way looking for a formula for
time travel, nor investigating any of the Universe’s sordid secrets or
mysteries.  He was only researching notes for a novel he’d been
planning – one that wasn’t supposed to touch on the subject of time –
when he came across it accidentally, the way one stumbles across a
used bookstore or a particularly good café that’s set on a side
street, away from the flow of traffic.


Threat Quality Press is extra-pleased to announce that our actual real live imprint now has A SECOND TITLE AVAILABLE!  TQP contributer Erin L. Snyder’s For Love of Children is a wild, eerie fantasy adventure that draws from a mythology of nursery rhymes and folkloric figures.  It is unlike anything you’ve ever read before!

Is it available in time for Christmas?  No, probably not!  However, among all reasonable, civilized people, the gift-giving holiday extends all the way to Epiphany, which is January 6th, so you’ve still got time to get this excellent and especially seasonal-appropriate gift for your literate loved ones.

Click through to read an excerpt of the novel, in which Santa Claus makes an extra stop on Christmas Eve, 1946.


[New short fiction from Erin Snyder.  Erin is an unemployed writer currently living in New York City.  He maintains several websites and blogs, including The Middle Room, located here: ]

Of the four days Dale Brogan had scheduled in New York City, three were committed to meetings and negotiations over a proposed merger.  His company was entertaining these discussions to fuel media and investor interest.  Before he even left for the city, Dale’s CEO had pulled him aside to let him know there was no way in hell he’d see his company married off.  “Try to sound like we’re taking them seriously, though,” the old man had said, laughing.  “Talk them up, give them the works.  After all, we’ll look like shit if they don’t make a good offer.”