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[Short fiction submission today:  “The Window”, by most excellent Friend of Threat Quality, Erin Snyder.]

“The Window”

It should be noted that Julius was in no way looking for a formula for
time travel, nor investigating any of the Universe’s sordid secrets or
mysteries.  He was only researching notes for a novel he’d been
planning – one that wasn’t supposed to touch on the subject of time –
when he came across it accidentally, the way one stumbles across a
used bookstore or a particularly good café that’s set on a side
street, away from the flow of traffic.


(This is one of the…odder…stories I’ve ever written, the result of an old memory of a house in rowhome gifsouth Philly that really just Should Not Be There, and way too much conversation about temporal anomalies. But hell, let’s see how she flies, right? -JH)

What is there to say about the multi-temporal rowhome? Is it all in the name, then? Well…what’s in a name?

It exists – as far as we know – both in 2007 and 2152. “As far as we know,” because nobody’s ever accounted for it in other dimensions or realities – and we like to cover our bases. But in our dimension, it is notable for appearing only slightly out of place in each of its homes. Its design only a smidge out of sync with its neighboring houses.


the-translated-man-cover-picOkay, I have an announcement.  As of today (technically, as of Wednesday), Threat Quality Press is, technically, an IMPRINT.  This means that you will now be able to purchase books, written by your two favorite internet diarists (I like “diarist” better than “blogger” because it sounds about a million times classier).  The first book, my novel The Translated Man, is now available for purchase on our second new page “The Press.”  For obvious reasons, you should buy it.  But let’s also take a minute and talk about self-publishing, because I have a feeling that this is going to be a significant thing in a few years.