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Ichabod B. Crane, USMC

I guess I am prejudiced against this show, for a variety of reasons.  First, because it turns out Roberto Orci is a spectacular dickhead, and now I instinctively hope that he will fail in all of his endeavours in perpetuity.  Secondly, because the previews promised me CLANCY FUCKING BROWN, and then chopped his head off in the first five minutes of the show.  (Oh, right.  Spoiler.  Fuck you.)  Thirdly, I guess because I just hate anything that smells like 90s monster-of-the-week action shows.


I’ve had the good luck lately to be on the winning team, pop-culture-wise. I don’t have to worry about other people liking The Hunger Games, and ABC seems to have found a genuine hit in Revenge, so I don’t have to be an advocate there, either.

Which means I might’ve gotten a bit lazy, since I figured the mix of J.J. Abrams’ name, the post-House time slot and the 50/50 combo of cop-procedural/time-travel mythology would’ve been enough to get people to stay with Alcatraz, without me constantly banging a drum in a vain attempt to get people to tune in again.

Of course, I figured wrong. And so Alcatraz wraps up its first and potentially only season, with a ton of unanswered questions, because people aren’t generally trained on how to watch television these days. Which is to say, the rule is: “You gotta power through the first six episodes, because they’re probably not gonna be all that good, but there’s potential, which usually only gets reached in season 2, so please be patient.”

(With the caveat: “…If you liked the pilot at all.” Which is my way of saying, “You don’t have to support every damn thing just because you hope it’ll get better than crap.” Which is really just my way of saying, “Grimm is stupid.”)  (more…)

Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize. The vagaries of the television industry are many, and it seems I spoke too soon: it turns out, ALL of the Threat Quality TV upfronts have been canceled before they will go to air. I am sorry Alan Tudyk and Fran Kranz, I am sure you guys will find work somewhere else (? Maybe?). The replacements for the upcoming fall season on CBS will actually be as follows:

It’s my pleasure to announce that Threat Quality TV has been contracted to produce five new television shows, which will premiere this coming fall on…oh, let’s say CBS.  Are you excited for the new CBS schedule?  You will be!