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Odd that two shows I really enjoyed this past week – one returning, one new – both involve unlicensed detectives. Let’s take them one by one and find what makes them worth a watch:

Bored to Death

Bored To Death feels a lot like an idea I might have had when I was 15 – “A novelist becomes a detective using skills gleaned from other detective books” – but even then would’ve dismissed as being a little too masturbatory and painfully meta.

And the pilot was exactly that. Throw in a couple of moments of severely fucked up ethics on the Jonathan Aimes character and I was pretty put off by the whole thing.

I gave it another shot on the urging of FoTQ Tad, and was pleasantly surprised. Because a couple episodes in, it started feeling like a 15-year-old’s concept for a show – in the best way.  (more…)