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Boy, this has been an awfully incesty TV season, huh? More incesty than I would have necessarily expected at the start of the year. I can say that.

Mostly HBO. Like, ¾ HBO. Even less, if it turns out there’s some surprise twist to 2 Broke Girls that makes that thing a LOT more interesting.

I mean, on Game of Thrones, you’d have to be Ned Stark a bit dim not to figure all the conspicuously blonde people were sibling-banging (I kid, Ned, I kid), but that’s a medieval fantasy show. You gotta prepare yourself for that sort of business.

And sure, once it became clear the ongoing arc of this season of Bored To Death was “Jonathan’s search for the sperm bank where he came from,” you could make the leap that SOMEWHERE there might be an incest joke.

But Boardwalk Empire? Dexter? It was a little more fun when we in the audience made incest jokes for fun to mock Jennifer Carpenter’s acting alleviate boredom or tension. When the thing we’re picking on tries to act like they’re in on the joke too, that’s just…weird. LET US BULLY YOU, TV SHOWS.

Now, I am not a TV EXPERT…though I AM a man who watches a lot of TV that does not involve surgically-waterproofed rich housewives. So I feel confident in saying that 2011 was probably the most incest-heavy season of television since…well, I guess since Arrested Development was on the air.

Though maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there was a really weird night at the Keaton household on a very special, very uncomfortable episode of Family Ties.

All I know is I don’t want to do a further Google search on any of this.

I’m going to wax pretentious here for a little while, and I hope you’ll bear with me.  There’s going to be a lot of “this is what MY philosophy is,” which I think is a kind of navel-gazey way of dealing with art in the best case scenario, and at worst is just a pretty insufferable thing to have to hear.  But I’ve got a point that I hope to get to by the end, which I think is worth sitting through the bullshit, so if you’ll forgive me, I’m going to dive right in:

I don’t believe that art is constituted of objects.


This has come up a couple times now, in which I’ve found myself inadvertently defending George R. R. Martin’s series A Game of Thrones, based on the notion that there’s a dramatic and important difference between a misogynist book, and a book about a misogynist culture. No ill will meant to anyone with whom I’ve argued, it’s all part of the process, &c. and so forth.

But Sady Doyle wrote this piece about it, and Alyssa Rosenberg at Think Progress wrote this piece in response, and now I want to make my own limited contribution.


By now, you’ve probably all read, or at least heard about, Ginia Bellafante’s NYT review on Game of Thrones, which points out that this is basically a show for dudes, with some kinky sex action thrown in for the ladies.

Boy was she right!  This was definitely a dudely show!  The only problem with it was that, due to my inferior, testosterone-addled MAN-BRAIN there was a lot that I just didn’t understand.