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Here’s the thing about nerds – and please know that I’m including myself in this, maybe as the worst of us all, the monster is within me, &c.: we all know at this point that there are nerds. Nerds are people who like weird stuff, and sometimes display a socially-unacceptable level of enthusiasm for our weird stuff. We dress up in costume for Harry Potter book launches or sign our emails with Star Trek quotes or what have you. But I think everyone also knows that there are nerds, and then there are nerd nerds: the kind of guys that you hope never show up to a conversation about any topic, because despite our enthusiasm and our granular knowledge of every little bit of a topic, we’re fucking terrible.

We’re the Comic Book Guys of the world, the Um, Actuallys, the Technically Speakings of the world. You all know us and I think that, even though we talk a big game about bullying, I think we maybe know, deep down, that when we do that kind of shit we deserve a little bit of the pejorative muck that still sullies the word “nerd.”

So, what I’m here to do is to present my Unified Theory of Being a Nerd, and then (maybe more importantly), I want to talk a little about the two major attitudes towards the world that it causes, and why these things are bad, why they should be rejected, and a little bit about how to quarantine them.


Geek Culture Redux

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Braak
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Pursuant to my long, aimless, and more-than-a-little pretentious ramble on the subject of Geek Culture, I wanted to point this out.  Nerdyorkcity (a twitterer who I wish I WISH had been around when I lived in New York — before there was Twitter, but so what) linked to this site, in which this cat makes some comments about the NYU Quidditch team..

I’m hesitant to link to it, because honestly it’s kind of gross, but I will because I want you to see what I’m talking about when I talk about the traditional clash between the mainstream culture and the Geek culture.

If you read what he says, and what his commenters say, you can see the problem:  this isn’t, and has NEVER been about objective superiority.  It is 100% about some folks who think and love and behave in all the ways that they know they’re supposed to, and get pissed off because other people are having more fun.

Were our moms right?  ARE they just jealous?