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So, by now probably you have all heard about Sandra Fluke, and her testimony about why 1) some women need “birth control” for reasons other than explicitly controlling birth, and 2) it’s not really the Catholic Church’s business to decide what medical treatments their employees get, one way or the other.

And maybe you have also heard about Rush Limbaugh’s pretty grotesque response to that!  If not, it’s here.  Yeesh.

Amazingly (and I don’t know if this is a first time or anything) Rush Limbaugh has actually APOLOGIZED for his statements!


When talk in the Geekly circles swings around to “who would make a good Doctor?”, inevitably the question of “why not a woman?” comes up.

It’s a good question, and an interesting one.  There is nothing in the TV series that specifically precludes it; I know that nerds say stuff like, “The Doctor said he was a father!” or “the Doctor has always been male!”  but that’s just dumb old conservative fanboyish misogyny.