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I am going to write about Ghost Rider, now, because you know, whatever man. I grew up reading comics in the nineties, when Ghost Rider enjoyed a renewed popularity, and he (along with Wolverine) was a part of that sort of angsty-violent-anti-hero era of superheroes that teenaged boys are always digging on because when you turn fourteen it’s kind of not cool to be enthusiastic about things that are Nice.

Anyway, perhaps it’s a coincidence of when I was introduced, a peculiar kink in my own psychological history, but I love the hell out of Ghost Rider.  (Hahaha, pun.)


All of these things have not appeared in either Ghost Rider, or Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance.


Holland has already said some things, and they are all true, and basically comprehensive, but I wanted to flip out about a couple other things also.  Actually, really I want to just flip out some MORE about the things that he already said.


Haaaboy. Ghost Rider 2. OK, let’s just get into this, with a series of thoughts on it, since I don’t feel it’s worth a whole review-type post.

To say Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is better than its predecessor (which the movie only barely concedes actually happened – it even rejiggers the scene where Johnny Blaze sells his soul so that it looks…well, so it looks more like if Neveldine/Taylor had done the first film featuring a guy who is not Peter Fonda Satan) isn’t just damning with faint praise. It’s implying that the film doesn’t have a whole host of its own problems, so I guess if GR1 got a 1 out of 5, then GR2 gets a 1.5 out of 5.

That’s because the couple things it does right ARE massive improvements over the first film, but even that’s debatable (in that Braak and I debated over whether or not they were actually better).

Non-arguable point 1: Setting the film on the desolate, barren roads of Somewhere In Eastern Europe is much closer to the spirit of the character than having him drive through Dallas or Houston or wherever the first one was set, and having Ghost Rider deal with city cops, which is just kinda stupid.  (more…)

In preparation for tonight’s surely 100% positive viewing of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, I decided to sit myself down and watch 2007’s Ghost Rider, just to make sure there weren’t any nuances of the narrative that I’d failed to notice last time.

I ALSO decided to skip past the prologue, wherein a young man learns his agent thinks he looks like a young Nicolas Cage enjoys a carefree life in the carnival, and also fast-forward past any moments that aren’t necessary to the plot – which meant pretty much every scene involving Eva Mendez and Donal Logue.

This meant I watched a 45-minute cut of Ghost Rider the other night. And…it still wasn’t all that good.  (more…)

This guy is going to be Spider-Man in the new Marc Webb-directed reboot. I vaguely remember him from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and I don’t recall him angering me with his performance in any way.

Sorry if that’s a bit vague, but this was a movie where Tom Waits was The Devil and Heath Ledger turned into Johnny Depp JUST BECAUSE. There were some bigger things going on.

– On the other side of things, Edward Norton won’t be the Hulk/Bruce Banner in the upcoming Avengers movie. What amuses me about this is that Marvel’s Kevin Feige released a letter that pretty blatantly confirmed that it wasn’t a money issue, so much an Edward-Norton-Likes-To-Micromanage-Every-Bit-Of-The-Movies-He’s-In issue.

Meanwhile, Edward Norton’s agent has released a rebuttal statement, which is essentially, “Well. Thanks a lot, dick!”

I quite enjoyed the last take on the Hulk and I think Norton was probably a big part of it – but that said, I don’t know that this will really devastate anyone, particularly if the casting announcement at Comicon is at all interesting (see: Don Cheadle replacing Terrance Howard).

MOST IMPORTANT TO NOTE! The Crank writing/directing team of Neveldine/Taylor will be taking over the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance sequel, which is a THING THAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. If I had one complaint (non-Nic Cage Hairpiece Category) with the Ghost Rider movie, it was that it wasn’t nearly crazy enough. This should solve that.

On Comicon: God, I just do not fucking care.