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Part of my ONGOING SERIES about just what distinguishes the classic monsters in my WORLD FAMOUS Monster Hierarchy from each other.  The first part was about the Vampire, and it’s also got my thoughts about what an “Eigen League” is and why I think it’s meritorious to discuss this subject.  Long story short:  in a group of monsters like the kind on the hierarchy, my theory is that they sufficiently fulfill a necessary number of roles in the human consciousness with regards to horror.

Today I’m going to talk about two things, for reasons that I hope will be eventually made clear:  1) Unclean Spirits, and 2) Malphas, a Mighty Prince of Hell (&. al).


After this io9 article about a woman that sold two souls for nearly $2000, I made a fairly lengthy comment about what, precisely, you might do with the captured spiritual essences of your two dead neighbors.  A few people were surprised that I had that much to say on the subject!  Peculiar, I think.  But, anyway, it got me thinking, and because I’m up late and sick with fever, I’ve decided to treat you all to a discourse on the nature of souls.

I thought all of this was common knowledge, but maybe it’s not, so here we go.