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In theory, I dislike reality-gameshows, because generally they oversell the entirely editor-bay-concocted idea of reality while underselling, well, any sense of competence that might win the damn thing.

But I watch “Hell’s Kitchen” religiously, for reasons I don’t entirely understand other than it’s fun to watch it with my friend Tad (when I moved out of his place, we tried watching it on our own, only to realize that without mocking it together, it’s just, well, watching horrible television for an hour – so now it’s our pre-“True Blood” entertainment).

To my surprise, I’ve been watching “Hell’s Kitchen” for YEARS now, and every season, I’m astonished that the contestants seem to have never seen the show before in their lives. I imagine that’s one of the screening questions to dismiss applicants, much like if you were a lawyer picking from a jury pool on a horrific axe-murder case, you would try to disqualify anyone who answered “Yes” to “Has anyone in your family ever been horrifically murdered via axe (or similar chopping tool)?”

BUT! Seeing as how the show’s been running for seven seasons now and shows no sign of stopping, there’s the possibility that, if you have ever spent time in your own kitchen using something other than a microwave, you will eventually become a contestant on “Hell’s Kitchen.” And because I am a benevolent soul, I am here to help you win (but the deal is, I get to keep whatever fancy product-placement cookware you get; fair’s fair).

Like all the best strategies, yours will be ten-fold:  (more…)