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So, the big problem that I always have with Harry Potter is that no one seems to actually give a crap about magic in it.  I don’t just mean the characters in the stories (except for Fred and George, whoever uses magic to actually do something they think is interesting?) but I mean the filmmakers, the FX guys, and, to a certain extent, the writer.

Now, ostensibly, who cares?  From a dramatic standpoint, we don’t need to see guys shooting fireballs at each other or conjuring poisonous snakes or making it rain shards of glass or something to get what’s going on:  we need to know that some people are winning and some people are losing, that sometimes people are behaving aggressively and sometimes they’re behaving defensively.  The actual nature of the spell is irrelevant in terms of the plot:  only its function actually matters.  This is something to do with signifiers and signifying that’s a little too lit-crit-theory for me to fully understand, I guess.


For as much as I have some problems with the series in general, and with the character of Harry Potter in particular, I really love the climax of the story.  The last book — and this second part of the last movie — is probably my favorite part, because by the end there’s a lot less of all those sort of stupid, “We’re teenagers trying to pretend this isn’t easy to figure out so that the story won’t be over in sixteen pages” stuff, and more action.

This movie especially is great, because something is happening basically ALL THE TIME.  We don’t need any more god-damn exposition or discussion of feelings.  Shit is real.  This is happening.


Generally speaking, I liked Harry Potter 7.1. It did the job it was supposed to do – basically, get you ramped up for 7.2 next summer, when, y’know, the BIG stuff happens.

And it pretty faithfully adapted the book yet again, which in this case meant I nearly fell asleep during the whole wandering-around-in-the-woods-looking-for-horcruxes-and-kind-of-ripping-off-Lord-of-the-Rings section, but was roused back to consciousness once that was over.

But my problem with the movie series in general starts right there – they adapt the books faithfully, while missing that what makes for a good book doesn’t make for a good movie. (more…)

This movie was okay.  There’s a lot of stuff going on it, definitely.  Also, there’s a long boring part in the middle/end, which corresponds to the long boring part in the book.  So, at least it’s accurate.

The more I watch Harry Potter, though, the more frustrated I get that he isn’t any good at anything.  For instance:  there’s a part where Hermione is putting a spell up around their campsite, right?  And Harry Potter walks up to her and says, “What are you doing?”