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While I’m generally against movies trying to build themselves up as sequels regardless of the audience’s say in the matter, I’m of a different mind when it comes to Hawkman:

It has to be the most epic action-romance ever.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

It’s the 1930’s, Midway City (set designers could go apeshit crafting a kind of Fantasy 30’s Manhattan this way). Carter Hall is a young archeologist – dashing, handsome and adventurous. But also lonely. Everyone calls him an old soul, and wonders why he never met the right girl. It’s something he’s always wondered himself.

Then he finds himself in a competition to claim an archeological dig, said to be the lost crypt of an Egyptian prince Carter’s always been fascinated by for reasons he’s never quite understood. Suddenly he’s in a race against two other archeologists: a conniving grave robber named Carl Sands, and the astonishingly beautiful – yet quite tom-boy-ish – Shiera Saunders.  (more…)

We all agree that big summer blockbusters probably need to stop acting like they deserve a sequel, and should focus on making a cohesive movie that will make viewers demand more, right?

This is advice both for horrible movies that felt entitled to sequels (looking at you, Last Airbender) and for movies that actually do require sequels (like Golden Compass – even a sequel would have had to open its first five minutes with an insanely jarring plot shift, akin to STARTING Empire Strikes Back with “Luke I am your father”).

And right now I’m looking at the negative response to Green Lantern’s sequel plans, which start with a shoe-horned post-credits-sequence that announced the next villain without earning that reveal at all, apparently. Then there’s the mostly toxic critical reaction. And then, there’s the relatively shitty box office (7th place in its third week is not encouraging).

In shooting for Epic Importance, movies keep dreaming of that sweet sweet trilogy status that somehow implies, “This thing mattered.”

Noble goal, sure. But set your sites a little lower: Don’t worry about being Lord of the Rings. Just try not to be, I dunno, Eragon? (I honestly was trying to think of a perfect example, but the glut of post LotR/Harry Potter fantasy franchise non-starters clogged up my brain.)

All of which is to preface what I’m about to say next: A Hawkman movie franchise absolutely has to be crafted as a trilogy.

Let’s crack open Hawkman as a property, and you’ll see what I mean.  (more…)

“Because last time I hit them gently and slowly and that didn’t work out at ALL.”

Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi are listed as co-writers on “Brightest Day” #13, so unfortunately I can’t say for sure who decided to start off an issue with one of the stupidest action-movie dialogue cliches in existence. But guys: You really disappointed yourselves today, you know that?

I mean, it’s Hawkman. His powers are he HITS PEOPLE WHILE FLYING AT THEM. He only HAS two settings, and they are “hard” and “fast.” Does he really think people might expect some other strategy from him? YEEEESH.