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Odd that two shows I really enjoyed this past week – one returning, one new – both involve unlicensed detectives. Let’s take them one by one and find what makes them worth a watch:

Bored to Death

Bored To Death feels a lot like an idea I might have had when I was 15 – “A novelist becomes a detective using skills gleaned from other detective books” – but even then would’ve dismissed as being a little too masturbatory and painfully meta.

And the pilot was exactly that. Throw in a couple of moments of severely fucked up ethics on the Jonathan Aimes character and I was pretty put off by the whole thing.

I gave it another shot on the urging of FoTQ Tad, and was pleasantly surprised. Because a couple episodes in, it started feeling like a 15-year-old’s concept for a show – in the best way.  (more…)

Bored to death 1The pilot episode of “Bored to Death,” HBO’s new comedy/detective show starring Jason Schwartzman, is like being winked at by a stranger: I feel like I’m supposed to already “get” the show’s humor, even though it is completely unfamiliar material I’ve been subjected to.

This feeling starts with the fact that the lead character is an author named Jonathan Ames, after the author (and series creator), Jonathan Ames, leading me to feel like I was supposed to have done some reading beforehand, but was absent from HBO-class when it was assigned.