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Still shaking off the mental cobwebs of winter. I’ve decided that our groundhog-based tradition of sorting through the season should instead be replaced by a personal barometer: whenever it is that you first say, “Christ I’m Sick of This Season!” simply add two more months. That is how long your personal winter will be. Come on, mid-March!

In other words, hard to motivate yourself to write something substantial when the most profound thought the brain can muster is “Well…that episode of ‘The Cape’ wasn’t that bad, for ‘The Cape.'”

Bill's personal decor remains...disconcerting.

So: More worthwhile posting later in the week, but for now I want to point you in a couple places:

1) Hell-ku, Bill Pettit’s new site of grumbly haiku with accompanying Edward Gorey-esque illustrations (it’s only on week two, but certainly worth the 30 seconds a week to check out), and

2) Boston or Bust, a journal of marathon training by Friend of TQP (or “fotquop”) Matthew Burns.

Go forth.