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At what point did Sherlock Holmes become an arrested adolescent?

If there’s one commonality among the three modern Sherlock Holmes adaptations – Fox’s “House,” BBC’s “Sherlock,” and the Guy Ritchie movie(s) – it’s the characterization of Holmes as basically refusing of adult relationships and bonds, and a pettiness when his primary companion, Watson, has the audacity to seek out such relationships himself.

In each scenario, the relationship is of Holmes as a kid who’s best buddy just discovered girls and didn’t have time to play detective anymore. But when did this subtext creep into the Holmes stories, and what does it say about how we view Holmes as a pop-culture figure?

Watch as I don’t answer either of those questions, but at least point out…  (more…)

Dear Television Gods:

I would like to respectfully submit my request for the Best Thing On Television Ever. You could make it my combo Birthday/Christmas gift, maybe? That means you’ve got plenty of time to make this happen, and it’s my understanding that if I believe in you (and also perform some heinous arcane acts*), you guys can do it!

What I want is this: a TV’s Smartest Man in the Room Competition. It would feature the (often self-proclaimed) most-genius-ever headliners of currently-airing primetime dramas, in a room with each other, trying to show how much smarter they are than their competitors. A non-reality reality contest show, if you will.

I do not know how they would prove this, but I’ve got some ideas. But first, the competitors:

It would star Dr. Gregory House (from House), Dr. Calvin Lightman (from Lie to Me), Patrick Jane (from The Mentalist), Nathan Ford (from Leverage), Ben Linus (from Lost) and Michael Weston (from Burn Notice).

There would also be two wildcards:


Why else would it give me two of my favorite story tropes in one week, just before my 30th birthday? It is paying TRIBUTE, is why.

You would be amazed how quickly a Google image search for "House Wilson" turned erotic.

Over on “House,” they pulled a ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern,’ turning the story over to sidekick Wilson’s point of view while showing the House team’s latest exciting case only going on in the periphery (such as speeding an obese man on a gurney down the hall while Taub tells Wilson “It wasn’t the tennis!” without much context).

I actually think a lot of shows would be better if there was some kind of barely explained medical drama happening in the background.

On “Dollhouse,” Whedon and co. broke out good ol’ ‘Mirror Mirror.’ So much time gets spent on this show clucking tongues at the ethical implications of brainwashing that it’s rarely pointed out that Things Could Be So Much Worse. Until last week’s double episode, where the warm, oaky comfort of the L.A. dollhouse is contrasted by the antiseptic basement nightmare, and Topher’s spastic but ultimately endearing quirks are put up against Summer Glau – who appears to be an old-school mad scientist in a 20-year-old girl’s body (right down to the irritated babbling and the dead-arm deformity).

More evidence that TV wants to make my birthday a happy one? It is giving me back “Better Off Ted,” which returns to ABC tonight at 9:30 (EST).

And while we’re on the subject (because it’s shaping up to be a TV-centric week, why not?), ‘24’ abuses me every single year, but every December, when  I see commercials where Kiefer Sutherland trains a gun on someone, I get giddy all over again. Yelling! Guns! ‘Splosions! Lady President! KABOOOOOOM!!!!

Okay, ’24.’ You got me again. But this time try to ease up on the “Torture is always justifiable” angle you pushed hard in the first half of season 7, hm?

dollhouseSo good TV is wrapping up for the season, and it’s time to look at how things shook out.

This week, we’ll look at “Dollhouse,” “House,” “Fringe,” and “Lost.”

Let’s dig in:

On Doctor House (TQP0123)

Posted: November 26, 2008 in Braak, poetics
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dr-houseI like to watch House; I usually watch it on reruns, because I can never remember when it’s on, and even when I remember what day the show’s on, I rarely remember what day today is, so I’ve got a very poor grasp of TV schedules.  I like the show anyway, because Hugh Laurie is funny, and also because of the fascinating ethical picture that it paints.  Any time someone complains about the medicine not being accurate on House, I am perfectly prepared with a long-winded, complicated rant about how that’s not the point.

Here’s a weird phenomenon, though:  I’ve reached a point where I’m so confident about how the show should work, that I’ll sometimes see episodes that I’m convinced are wrong.  It’s crazy, because my beliefs about how Dr. House should be acting should be based on the evidence of the show, right?  I shouldn’t be watching the show saying, “This isn’t how it’s supposed to happen.  Wait, wait, it can’t end that way!  That’s not House at all!”