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Christopher Chance in the Human Target comics: a master of disguise, who immerses himself in the identity of the protectee whose place he’s taking. The downside: Because he’s so good at reflecting the psychology of the roles he takes on, he is in constant danger of losing his own personality in the process – effectively “going native” in someone else’s life.

Christopher Chance in the Human Target TV series: a bodyguard of limitless talents who takes on the role of a “nobody” in the background to give the impression his client is undetected, so he can flush out the threat, and then engage in an exciting if improbable action sequence.

So, being that Human Target, the series keeps the name “Christopher Chance,” and the bodyguard profession and discards everything else that would make the property notable…why call it Human Target at all?

Why not call it what it really is: Not Quite Burn Notice, But Look At This Budget!