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After 4.5 years, my MP3 player finally died on me. It wasn’t a huge shock – it had a tendency to freeze up on me if I clicked “next” too often in shuffle mode – but apparently that was not enough warning for me to back up the last year’s worth of playlists.

Playlists: Those things we used to call “mixes,” which I’ve used to track time since I was 14 and trying to cram an extra song onto the end of a 45-minute cassette side…god, 14-year-old me would never take any of this stuff for granted. Technology is a new and consistent amazement every day, 17 years in the future.

He may, however, be baffled by the fact that you can only buy one kind of player. My player managed to cack it the same week Microsoft told everyone what was already pretty clear: the Zune was officially a dead technology. Leaving the iPod as essentially the only game in town without having to do much but advertise better.  (more…)