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1) Iron Man 2:  this remains a perfectly serviceable, fun little actioner.  But the fact that, in the old days, Howard Stark wasn’t the bad guy and Anton Vanko wasn’t the good guy now pisses me off to no end.  And the fact that when Tony Stark says, “I’ve tried every combination of every element,” Nick Fury DOESN’T say, “You haven’t tried this,” while handing him a hunk of vibranium also pisses me the fuck off.  It’s like, “You guys did just a regular, decent old job with 90% of this movie, and then just phoned in the last 10.  What the hell?”

2)  Jesus, Sin City is terrible.  I mean, it’s pretty, but OH MY GOD, everybody:  SHUT.  UP.  But they don’t shut up, they just keep talking, talking, fucking TALKING, illustrating the most testosteriffic exercise in misogyny I have ever seen.  Carla Gugino got her hand eaten, but then she cries, and now she’s fine.  Bitches, right?  WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS MOVIE?  Clive Owen, I can hear you trying hard to make this insane bullshit interior monologue not sound like insane bullshit, but even the fact that you are English doesn’t help.

Additionally hilarious:  MARV:  “What the–?  No one can sneak up on me.”  Because Frank Miller forgot he wasn’t writing Wolverine or Daredevil.

The Iron Man 2 kicker, with [OH MAN WITH SPOILERS WHAT THE SHIT HOLLAND!??!?]


Iron Man 2 has been getting some mixed reviews, including a ferocious panning from io9’s Charlie Jane Anders.  io9 is a website to which I have some small connection, and after reading CJA’s review, I determined that I ought to throw in on this.  Charlie Jane and I do not always agree on things; sometimes we disagree wildly.

This is one of those times.


It’s probably not going to shock anyone that we here at Threat Quality Press are downright jazzed about Iron Man 2. Hell, I’ve even grown out my Tony Stark Goatee. (Shut up!)

So of course it’s getting some rough early reviews.

What bugs me is the bad reviews all say the same as the good ones: it’s a mix of great character moments and way-huge action sequences – like that’s a bad thing. In the best and worst examples, that’s what superhero comics ARE!