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Another in our occasional series, detailing potential “first reads” for comic book newbies or lapsed readers whose interest in a certain character have been piqued by a movie or TV show or interesting ad campaign or what have you. The focus is on easily obtained paperback collections that can be purchased for a minimum of fuss through their local comics shop or Amazon, rather than have to dig around back-issue bins at random. And of course, keep in mind these are just opinions – though opinions based on a LOT of comic book reading, so pretty well-founded opinions. OK? Let’s get started!

The Character: Iron Man

Star of a popular movie, a less popular movie, a pretty good cartoon show (as well as a couple of not-so-good cartoon shows), a jazzy theme song, and the most fan-favorite part of a trailer for an upcoming movie that people are hoping like hell is at least okay, Iron Man has been all over pop culture in the last few years – indeed, you could even say SPANNING DECADES (if your thing is boldness, more than accuracy – and if so, hey, you must lead an exciting life, let’s get you some comics!).

Where to Start

There are actually some pretty great places to start reading Iron Man, and get the general idea of what makes the character interesting and fun, as well as flawed and occasionally troubling. It just depends on your ability to ignore some bellbottoms, wide collars and curly hair.  (more…)

A question for…I was about to write “superhero fans,” but really I guess this applies to any protagonist that’s had multiple interpretations over the years –

You ever fall in love with a character, only to grow frustrated that nobody who’s working on him or her seems to do anything to validate that opinion?

I was putting together a “beginner’s list” to good Batman stories (which I’ll post next week, and would like some input on), and it struck me how few really knock-it-out-of-the-park Batman stories I’ve seen within my own lifetime. (more…)

How is this a great moment, you ask? Simple: After hearing something this insensitive, Tony does NOT hurl this woman right off the front porch. Sometimes “impulse control” is the greatest Iron Mannery there is.

Art by Adi Granov

When coming up with a birthday gift for a guy who’s got a billion-dollar suit of armor, you have to get creative.

Art by Tom Raney

Tony Stark’s business philosophy: you gotta spend money, to get crappy antiques, to donate crappy antiques, to break crappy antiques, to spend money to buy the broken crappy antiques, to make money!

(Look, it’s complicated. You wouldn’t get it. Ask an economist.)

Art by M.D. Bright

*Yes, I’ve settled on ‘Iron Mannery’ as the proper terminology.

Tony Stark is so cool that he can make, “I’ll just have water, thanks” sound swanky.

Iron Man…could have used the night off, frankly.

(From Twisted Toyfare Theater, Vol. 2)

“Holiday greetings from Tony Stark. And yes, I’ve had…quite a few eggnogs, now that you mention it.”

Tony Stark has two beds: one covered with hundred-dollar bills and underwear models, and this one.

He feels sexy in both of them.

(Art by Sean Chen)

Why yes, Iron Man IS close, personal friends with Lionel Richie and Hulk Hogan.